Oak Bay remembers five notable people

Here are five people who we lost in 2013

Every year Oak Bay sees the passing of many notable current and past residents who have made an impact in our community. Here are five people who we lost in 2013.

January 11: Trevor Williams

Former Oak Bay resident Trevor Williams, 47, received his PhD in mechanical engineering from University of Victoria, one day before terminal cancer claimed his life.

While living in Oak Bay, Williams co-founded the Oak Bay Green Committee, lobbied for tree protection bylaws, launched the soft plastics recycling depot, lobbied for the anti-idling bylaw. On Dec. 2, a Garry Oak tree was planted in Oak Bay in William’s memory.

March 12: Mark Taylor

Former Oak Bay parks official Mark Taylor died after falling into a crevasse while skiing in Yoho National Park just before midnight on March 12.

Taylor worked in the Oak Bay parks and recreation department from 1983 to 1996, holding many positions, including aquatic co-ordinator.  “His enthusiasm, energy and passion contributed greatly to the success of the department,” said former parks and recreation director Ray Herman.

April 17: Bob Wright

Oak Bay Marine Group founder Bob Wright died on April 17 at age 82. The successful businessman’s commitment to both the community and the environment extended into an $11 million donation to UVic for scientific research on climate change and the creation of the Bob Wright Centre for Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Aug. 29: Brian Beckett

Brian Beckett died on Aug. 29 at age 77. Best known for his community work in Oak Bay Kiwanis, Beckett and his wife Deanna retired here in 2000. “Care and compassion. He believed in that and wanted to create that kind of an environment and keep it going with things like providing music therapy which makes such a difference in the (residents’) lives,” said Oak Bay Fire Chief Dave Cockle.

Nov. 5: Dan McLean

Former Oak Bay Police Sgt. Dan McLean died Nov. 5 at 62. A huge fan of baseball, he coached and was president of the Oak Bay Little League, volunteered for the local Kiwanis and organized donations of baseball equipment for children in Nicaragua.