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Oak Bay pup registration puts the name Molly back in top dog position

The most-owned dog is the lovable Labrador at 70
Labrador retrievers most popular dog in Maple Ridge. (Wikimedia Commons)

Molly reclaims the crown as far as dog names go in Oak Bay.

Molly, the top name in 2020, got the boot and dropped to third among registered dogs in the community for 2021.

She’s back on top at 24 dogs, with Charlie falling to second at 21. Daisy, Poppy, Lucy, Luna, Scout, Max, Penny and Rosie round out the Top 10 names in the district.

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Oak Bay tracks both breeds and names of its registered pups, required for those over four months old.

The force of the labrador remains strong in Oak Bay, taking the top two breeds of dog registered in the district. The most-owned dog is the lovable lab at 70 with the second-most the labradoodle at 59. Mixed breeds round out third.

Golden retriever, 48, golden doodle, 45, havens, 36, German shepherd, 22, chihuahua and French bulldog, 17 and the border collie at 16 round out the Top 10.

The animal control bylaw requires all dog owners to obtain a licence for pets and a “poop and scoop” law is in effect throughout the municipality.

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