News you can Use from Oak Bay High

Exam preparation needn’t be stressful

The June exam period can be a stressful time for high school students.

Good study habits, relaxation, and stress-free activities are the key to great exam results. Cramming is the worst way to study; breaking up the subject into sections makes it easier for students to be organized.

Spending time exercising or with friends away from the school atmosphere will also reduce the anxiety associated with exams.

Sr. girls soccer at B.C. tourney

Oak Bay’s senior girls soccer team, coached by Brent Garraway and co-captained by Kathleen Leahy and Maddie Secco, has already had a terrific season.

The side won the Ryan Cup as city champs and placed second at the Island championships, ensuring a spot at this week’s B.C. high school championships in Kamloops.

It is a sure thing that the players are lacing up their boots with excited anticipation and stepping on to the pitch with confidence and determination, ready to bring home a provincial title.

Unsung heroes saluted by students

Oak Bay secondary school is filled with a group of extraordinary, intelligent and entertaining staff.

The teachers create a unique and original learning community, only truly understood by the students. Without the members of staff working “behind the scenes,” we would not be able to enjoy some of the things we love so much about Oak Bay.

To all the staff, you are greatly appreciated.

Be careful when ‘friending’ on Facebook

High school is a time for people to find their identity and many use their online persona on Facebook or Twitter to define who they are. Often students don’t recognize the true impact that their online footsteps have.

If you play it safe, social networking can be a great place for students to interact with one another. As long as the keyboard courage doesn’t get to you, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites will remain a popular outlet for social interaction in the 21st century.