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Psychedelic food truck the next thing for veteran’s wife in Colwood

From tropical resort to thrift store and now a food truck, if Cynthia Cummings thinks it, she’ll do it

Always up for an adventure, serial entrepreneur Cynthia Cummings is back in action with another venture: a happy hippie food truck in Royal Bay.

If she thinks of an idea, whether a nine-hole golf course on their land in the Philippines or a hippy-themed food truck in Colwood, B.C., she’ll find a way to get it done.

The Gazette has previously reported on Cummings’ work supporting military veterans with post-traumatic-stress disorder at a resort she and her husband Wayne Cummings built in the Philippines after he retired from the Canadian military. They also own and run the non-profit Nifty Thrifty store which benefits the PTSD therapy program at their resort.

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But when the coronavirus pandemic took hold, the Cummings decided to come home to Langford to wait things out and needed something to keep them occupied.

Cummings had run food trucks and hotdog stands for the nightclub crowd in Toronto for 16 years, and when she noticed the number of people in the West Shore flocking to outdoor gathering spaces, she put the two together and decided to start a food truck.

The Funky Food Truck is a hippie-themed psychedelic eatery serving mostly healthy wraps, with a side of greasy burgers and fries.

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She got permits to operate in municipalities from Victoria to Nanaimo, but likes the spot at Royal Bay so much she’s planning to stay there almost full time, except on holiday weekends when a beach location makes more sense.

They share the gravel parking lot with Sequoia Coffee’s shipping container drive-thru across the street from Royal Bay High, all looking out over the glittering Salish Sea.

The Royal Bay development has lots more in the works on top of the phalanx of housing that’s already been built. Several commercial areas and flagship retail stores are planned for the next phase.

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