Larry McCann, author of Imagining Uplands, John Olmsted’s Masterpiece of Residential Design, (Seen here with David Anderson in Uplands) speaks at James Bay New Horizons on . (Christine van Reeuwyk/Oak Bay News)

Explore Uplands with James Bay talk

Beyond Uplands: Searching for the Suburban Ideal is March 22

  • Feb 18, 2018


Donais bulldozed the backyard of a $2.2M property on Nottingham Rd., brought in truckloads of dirt, and is building himself a dirt jump park and pump track for BMX and mountain biking. (Keri Coles/Oak Bay News)

Backyard of $2.2M Uplands property bulldozed for BMX jump track

34-year-old financial advisor fulfills childhood dream


$2.5M Uplands lot seeks Bitcoin buyer

$2.5M Uplands lot seeks Bitcoin buyer

Victoria financial advisor may make history by accepting cryptocurrency for luxury lot