Tennis best duke it out at the Oak Bay bubbles

Singles finals for the Tennis Classic at Oak Bay Rec start Sunday at noon

A total of 160 players battled last weekend with 30 teams in the Mixed Doubles event of the Tennis Classic at Oak Bay Rec.

“It was nice to see the up-and-coming juniors play against the adults. However, it looks like experience this year overcame the youth as we did not have any juniors represented in the finals,” said Simon Vickers, tennis program supervisor at Recreation Oak Bay.

In the finals Sunday the team of Johane Mui and Jared Tyan Fran Martin defeated Karen Clarke and Shawn Lusignan  6-4, 6-0 in the A Event. In the B Event Carolyn Goff and Geoff Bourne beat Mike Nichol and Josee Paris  6-1,6-2; Martha O’Brian and Gabor Sakany won over Lillan Lamb and John Handy 6-0, 6-1 to take the C Event.

“The highlight for me was that each match, each division, it was competitive,” Vickers said. “Once everyone was in their level it became very entertaining because the match play was very level.”

The Junior Classic was held Dec. 28 to 30. The winners were: Jacob Adam Ismail Keyes and Andrew Partyka (boys doubles under 16); Cedar Hill rec member Victor Stepanov (boys singles U16) Keita Duclos and Adam Noroozian (boys doubles U14);

Kaitlyn Ha (girls singles U14); Keita Duclos (boys singles U14); Stewart Bernard Aronson and Rylan Hastings (boys doubles U12); Elizabeth Paula Prilepin (girls singles U12); Danny Yassine (boys singles U12); and Oak Bay Tennis Club member Jake R. Fankhauser (boys singles U10).

“The tennis community is very tight. You saw friends and family members there (both weeks),” Vickers said. “It created a good atmosphere in the bubble.”

The Tennis Classic continues this weekend with the Singles Classic competition.

“You see the social side of the tennis community because everyone’s super friendly, as well as the quality tennis,” Vickers said. “It’s a great facility with friendly people. I would like to thank the family members and friends that came out to support the players during the matches.”

Finals for the singles start Sunday at noon in the tennis bubbles at Oak Bay Rec, 1975 Bee St.