Willows Park neglected

Municipal gardener Helen Strohschein deserves credit for the work on the rose garden at Windsor Park

How encouraging to learn from the front page of the Oak Bay News that municipal gardener Helen Strohschein is so attentive to the rose garden at Windsor Park. Top marks for a job being well done.

What a pity similar plaudits cannot be heaped upon those responsible for nearby Willows Park, which of late has been so badly neglected that it has become an eyesore more than an attraction.

I suggest that if the many homeowners along adjoining Beach Drive and other nearby roads can tend and produce year-round excellent gardens and mow their lawns once and sometimes twice a week, then it should not be beyond the wit of those professionals paid to care for this popular site  to realize that it’s time for them to get their boots on and get busy.

Derrick Johns


Oak Bay