What’s missing from the picture?

We enjoyed receiving reader photos for our Snapshot edition

Here at the Oak Bay News, we love when something new is afoot.

And today, we’re really excited to show off our new feature, Snapshot!

As we all know, nowadays, everyone is a photographer. Whether it’s with a little point-and-shoot camera, a smartphone or an iPad, we are “instagramming” our lives and the lives of our kids, pets, friends, grandparents – and yes, our food.

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to give us your best shot. Whether it be a day at the beach, a family outing or a fabulous sunset – and did Oak Bay ever respond.

The result is seven pages of wonderful photos taken by the people of Oak Bay.

In the newspaper business, we always wonder what kind of response certain stories or requests will get and we’re always surprised by something.

Missing from your photos submitted for the Snapshot feature? Your lunch. With all our fabulous restaurants, we thought we might get at least one delicious looking meal. We suppose there are more interesting subjects around to photograph.

What is the most frequently photographed item around Oak Bay? Our brilliantly colourful sunsets. Blooming flowers came in a close second.

Maybe you all are a camera-shy bunch, but we did expect to see more people in your photos, and, we hate to say it, more deer.

We do thank you all for your submissions and urge you to send your photos in for our new weekly feature, Reader Photo of the Week. This new feature even offers a prize! Find more information on page A5 of this edition of the News.

Finally, last week we welcomed new columnist Natasha Ewing, who writes Tales from the Tide Pool, a peek into what lies beneath the sea. We hope you find this column interesting and informative as Natasha helps us learn more about our oceans and the critters that inhabit our local waters.