Things won’t be rosy after a cull

How many deer have died in Oak Bay so far and have the vehicle incidents decreased?

This idea of culling deer in Oak Bay is a knee jerk reaction by an ignorant mayor and council.

There are deer in Oak Bay as there are deer elsewhere in the country. But does every community want to cull deer because of car accidents or destroyed gardens? Not at all.

Unfortunately deer die for many reasons and carcasses of deer and other animals can been seen on the side of the Malahat or Highway 1 up Island.

Does council believe that by culling 25 deer we will no longer have car accidents in Oak Bay? That is a myth.

How many deer have died in Oak Bay so far and have the vehicle incidents decreased?

Culls do not work as proven by science. Council does not believe in science obviously.

Oak Bay drivers seem to have a penchant for speed. Speed limits are rarely enforced as can be observed on Cadboro Bay Road. Speed kills deer. Cars kill pedestrians and cyclists too. But let’s blame the deer.

As far as gardens go, I see plenty of flowers still existing. Some bushes and lawns look terrible and we can blame the deer (city hall’s thinking) as we really know the acute lack of rain could never do that kind of damage.

The war memorial property and homes along Beach Drive and even my own yard have plenty of flowers.

Go ahead Oak Bay, spend my tax dollars on this inane idea and tell me our gardens will be full of roses and petunias next year. And I will never hit a deer with my car and some deer won’t come charging out of the bushes while I am walking my dog.

As I said its an ignorant reaction and one which will cause anger in the community.

Arnold Lacey

Oak Bay