Thank goodness for green politicians

Local leaders applauded for sticking to environmental ideals despite federal pullout from Kyoto Protocol

Re: Kyoto pullout creates frustration, call to action (News, Dec. 16)

If we were looking for a good reason to remove Stephen Harper from office, we need look no further than his government’s disgraceful abdication of responsibility by not honouring the Kyoto agreement.

Thankfully some municipal mayors like Nils Jensen and Dean Fortin will provide needed local leadership to fill the void and allow Canadians again to be seen by the rest of the world as other than ‘environmental Neanderthals.’

Is Harper & Co.’s fixation on tar sands development so extreme that they will do everything in their power to ignore and discredit the reality of environmental science on issues like environmental degradation because of their ignorance and indifference?

What a terrible legacy to pass on to our grandchildren.

Dale Perkins