Tearing down old homes the answer

Heritage concerns don't trump cost of doing renovations

Re: Tax breaks considered as way to save heritage homes (News, June 10)

I read this article with skepticism and amusement. With all the debate over (Runnymede Place estate) Blair Gowie, what assurance is there that council will adequately defend properties that have been designated heritage?

The idea of tax breaks may benefit a few homeowners, but it simply shifts the tax burden onto the shoulders of the majority.

Similarly, old inefficient homes waste energy, whereas new homes reduce consumption and benefit all of us.

New homes have a higher assessed tax value and thus also lessen the tax burden for the rest of us.

The land value of most properties in Oak Bay is drastically out of balance with the value of the improvements.

Contrary to Coun. Cassidy’s comment that “house demolition is a common problem,” tearing old buildings down is the solution.

Mark Meichsner

Oak Bay