Responsible dog owners are more the norm

Re: “Dogs may take early shift at Willows” (News, May 27)

I read with much interest regarding the possibility of Oak Bay council opening up Willows Beach for a pilot project that would allow owners and their dogs beach access at Willows until 9 a.m. from May to Sept. 30.

I am one of many dog owners who live in Oak Bay and am an active member of the Windsor Park Dog Group. I do not speak for everyone in the group, but I would encourage council to support this pilot project.

The group promotes responsible dog ownership, which includes picking up after our dogs and monitoring their barking so as not to disturb people in our neighbourhoods. We value the privilege of being able to access Windsor Park year round and have never abused it.

Last year, through the efforts of some of our members, we were successful in getting McNeill Bay opened up and we have proven we can be responsible and self-regulating.

I agree with the Oak Bay resident who said she often picks up beer bottles, cans and debris along the beaches. I, too, have encountered the same thing and have picked up beach debris.

I hope council will look favourably on this pilot project and support it. All responsible Oak Bay dog owners love that beach and would be thrilled if we could enjoy it year round.

Chris Ash

Oak Bay