Reader casts another vote for raising chickens

Hoping that Oak Bay mayor and council move forward with loosening rules

Re: No crying fowl over proposed chicken rules (News, Jan. 11)

It is encouraging to see that Oak Bay council is considering ways to allow more households to keep chickens. Add my name to the list of people who want to keep backyard chickens but can’t.

Last fall when I inquired into the bylaw relating to chickens, I was surprised to learn that our large north Oak Bay lot was just 40 square metres too small to allow a coop and a small flock. When I inquired into a possible easement of the bylaw, I was told there was no such thing. I thought surely there could be a way to present my coop plans (and the sad faces of my children) to council and appeal to their common sense.

Both Victoria and Saanich have reasonable animal control bylaws. Hopefully our mayor and council can move ahead and give the opportunity to raise chickens to more that just eight households, and catch up with our progressive neighbouring municipalities.

Krista Henry

Oak Bay