Police service makes tax bill worth it

Last night, someone went through our car looking for anything worth stealing

A few weeks ago, I, along with many other Oak Bay residents, grimaced when I received my property tax notice in the mail.

I may have even made a few under-the-breath mutterings. But today I feel a little – no, a lot – better about paying my municipal taxes.

Last night, someone went through our car looking for anything worth stealing. All they made off with was a bag of mints and the remote control for the garage door. Clearly, they plan to return. I called the Oak Bay police and within 20 minutes, Const. Art Goodwin arrived at my door. He spent the next half hour patiently showing me how to disassemble the garage door opener and reset the code.

About 15 minutes after he left, Const. Goodwin called me. He had been writing up the incident report when he noticed my birthday was in a few days. He suggested that if my husband needed a gift idea, he might consider a new motion-sensitive light for the front porch. He then wished me a happy birthday in advance and rang off.

That personal touch had me smiling all day. We will install a new light this weekend.

Thank you to Const. Goodwin and the Oak Bay police, for the prompt and efficient service and friendly advice.

Yes, property taxes are a bitter pill to swallow, but one thing I hadn’t factored in before today was that I’m getting something extra for my tax dollars – peace of mind, and that’s worth a lot.

Ann Braybrooks

Oak Bay