Pipeline a bad idea

The solution is to try to use less oil

There is a plan to build an oil pipeline from the Alberta oil sands to the coast of British Columbia. It will bring oil to the coast so it can be sold to Asia. This is a problem because there could be an oil spill.

I think that the pipeline is a bad idea because in case of a spill it would take 20 years for nature to recover and a lot of animals and plants would die. The oil could light on fire and it could destroy a lot. It worries me with more tankers close to our coast, one could hit a rock and the oil would run into the ocean. Then the oil would kill all the whales and salmon and other species. Another problem is the higher amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere and causes climate change.

The solution is to try to use less oil. For example: electrical cars, bikes, build more trains, take the bus or walk. Maybe Asia could make their own oil. Then the oil wouldn’t have to be shipped all the way around the world. We should only dig for oil for Canada. We should try and find other energy sources like water or solar.

Look, we don’t need so much oil. The government of Canada just wants to build the pipeline to sell the oil to Asia.

Sol Eisenhauer (age 11)

Oak Bay