Parks off limits

There's nothing feasible about using Oak Bay parks for wastewater projects

It would seem that Mayor Nils Jensen is now hell-bent on kicking up yet another stink.

After the mismanagement with regard to deer culling,  he has now turned his penchant for seat-of-the-pants judgment to sewage,  and hand in hand with Lisa Helps (who else) had the outrageous folly to concur the listing of Oak Bay’s Willows, Windsor and other public parks as “feasible” sites for wastewater disposal projects.

It is certainly not enough for Jensen then to try a cop-out  by stating  he knows “feasible does not necessarily mean the same as suitable”.   Clearly,  any remotely worthwhile feasibility study would immediately have identified that no level of what might be technically possible, could even begin to compete with what in this case is so overwhelmingly unsuitable,  thereby leaving any further mention dead in the water

If as he says, our mayor and his council are “well aware of the concerns people will have regarding their parks”  then it’s time for them to start applying their so-called “triple bottom line filters” elsewhere and cut the crap with the semantics.

Derrick Johns


Oak Bay