Oak Bay Seniors association honours foundations

Re: Monterey rec seeks baby boomers (News June 13)

Re: Monterey rec seeks baby boomers (News June 13)

Regarding the article in today’s Oak Bay News it is necessary to make a couple of corrections concerning the unveiling of the commemorative plaque.

Firstly: the plaque was placed on the east side of the Monterey Centre building at the request of members wishing to commemorate the opening in 1971 of the original Monterey Seniors Centre, by then mayor Frances Elford.

It was felt by the older members that the centre’s 40th anniversary should include visible recognition of the first purpose of the building, which was specifically a seniors centre.

Secondly: the Oak Bay Seniors Activity Association only came into being in the 1980s and did not exist in 1971. The association did, however, support and sponsor the cost of purchase and installation of the commemorative plaque.

As stated in the article, Monterey Centre has evolved into a hub of activities embracing all people from age 50 and up, as well as younger people involved in activities at the centre. The Monterey Seniors Activity Association is an adjunct to Monterey Recreation Centre and provides support and assistance in a variety of ways such as the provision of funding for those otherwise unable to afford recreational activities and equipment and other assistance so that the centre may meet a growing public need.

All of us involved with the Monterey centre encourage participation in recreational activities and particularly invite the “boomers” to consider their future needs by making the Monterey Recreation Centre a priority in their activities. However, it is always important to remember where we came from and without the original Monterey Seniors Centre we would not now have the thriving and expanding Monterey Recreation Centre.

Hellie McLelland

Oak Bay