Oak Bay Ave piano noise makes life ‘Hell’

I would also like to voice my complaint about the public piano

It is with great interest that I  read the story Public Piano problematic for Avenue resident (News July 16).

I would also like to voice my complaint about the public piano that is situated at the busy intersection of Oak Bay Avenue and Foul Bay Road.

I live about 175 feet or so from the piano. Sound travels and you can hear the plink plunking noise going on all over the neighbourhood – and it goes on until all hours of the night. I am fed up to the teeth.

I have heard some dreadful sounding noise coming from that piano. Kids of all ages have a go at it and just fool around. The whole thing is very disturbing and hard on the nerves.

I will add here, that I have heard good playing a few times, and I love music when it is played well and presented in the proper place and time and not close to a residential area.

There is a time and place for everything, and the busy corner of Oak Bay and Foul Bay is certainly not it.

Here, hundreds of families live close by and there are a lot of seniors who are home all day who are being subjected to this noise until late in the evening.

We who love music will listen to it at times and places of our own choosing.

This project is forcing it on us day in and day out, hour after hour. We must close our windows, get no fresh air,  and even then, I can hear it. We can’t concentrate on other things, it’s nerve wracking and bad for our health.

This is not  right. That piano needs to be moved, we have put up with it for weeks now.

This corner is the wrong place, our life has turned into Hell here.

I am hoping that whoever is in charge will think this project over and find a better solution. How about putting it on the municipal hall lawn?

I spend most of my money in Oak Bay Village – is this my reward?

Ingrid Ross

Oak Bay