No shame in aging

Forget about compassion, elders are not a liability, they are an asset

No disrespect to the students who were recently teachers for the day when they passed on their computer skills to a much appreciating audience of seniors. Thumbs up to all of you.

But there is a disturbing factor that is only remotely related to the above: The overemphasis of youth these days. To be young, look and act young seams to be the ticket. When the top administrator of the nation appears on public TV with an open shirt and no tie, I think, he has a problem. When a woman at the age of 80 sports the complexion of a 16-year-old, trust me, from the neck down she is what it says on her birth certificate.

When a man of 60 shaves his head instead of his face, look again, he is likely on a Viagra diet. Why are we so keen on cheating Mother Nature?

The young ones are better in pushing the buttons of technology, but the elders are better equipped to push to the buttons of life. They’ve been there. Forget about compassion, elders are not a liability, they are an asset. There is nothing wrong with the patina of old age.

William Rauschning


Oak Bay