Neighbourhoods losing their distinct charm

There appears to be a frenzied attack on bungalows in Oak Bay

There appears to be a frenzied attack on bungalows in Oak Bay, with one of the latest on Dewdney Avenue. For the most part, it appears developers are seeking out properties that are large and can be subdivided, or in the case of the Dewdney Avenue property, there are already two titles occupied by one home.

The developer has submitted plans which, should they be approved, consist of two modern two-storey buildings which will be identical, except one will have the floor plan flipped, which means for example, the garages at the front will be on opposite sides of the lots.

The houses on the blocks between Nottingham and Musgrave Streets are all of a traditional style. While developers currently have the right to build whatever style of house they wish, two modern houses side by side, in our view, will degrade the street scape.

We do not object to modern design so long as it is done tastefully and with consideration and respect for the neighbourhood. Building identical homes side by side, be they traditional or modern, in our opinion does not respect the sentiment of those living in this area.

If the developers had any respect for the neighbourhood, they would, at the very least, design homes each unique in their own way as all the homes currently are.

C and D Eraut


Oak Bay