Museum popular choice for former CPR building

Boaters anxious to see Maritime Museum move into waterfront home

At this year’s Classic Boat Festival, the public were all too keen to learn when and whether the Maritime Museum was moving into the former CPR Steamship building.

This move is the logical choice. Other alternatives leave the public utterly disenchanted.

Local government should realize that the museum contains a valuable part of B.C.’s seafaring heritage in one of the largest collections of maritime artifacts in Canada, including some from the CPR itself, and one worthy of a unique destination on the waterfront.

The provincial and local governments should know that by enabling the Maritime Museum to move into the CPR building, and providing funding to keep it running, a wealth of B.C. heritage would be saved for future generations to enjoy. This new location would help the museum become more viable and attract more visitors.

Victoria cannot afford to lose or ignore its maritime history nor its Maritime Museum. Victoria needs an amazing building for its amazing sea stories.

Maggie McNeil-Smith