Massive projects leave a bad taste

Residents offers tongue-in-cheek perspective on Oak Bay architecture

Plaudits to the architectural firm of “Blight, Mauvais-Goût, and Crass” for the fine work it continues to do across Oak Bay. Recent examples can be seen at the building sites on Nottingham and Island roads and Beach Drive near Cattle Point.

Renowned for its path-breaking projects in centres such as Calgary and Surrey, this “firm” is demonstrating that Oak Bay is massively underbuilt – many of our lots could easily accommodate houses three or four times the size of the pokey little abodes in which most of us live.

It is so nice to know that, thanks to the designs of this and similar firms, those who are attracted by the greenness, scale and atmosphere of our neighbourhoods can now share these amenities with the rest of us, while enjoying all the pleasures of a 10,000-square-foot house and a four-car garage.

Jeremy Wilson

Oak Bay