LRT system will revitalize Victoria

Columnist's experience not necessarily the entire picture

Re: Rush to rapid transit too rapid (Column, Aug. 12)

Roszan Holmen’s experience with light-rail transit was in Edmonton on a rather unsuccessful first line.

In contrast, Calgary’s C-Train was highly successful.

Both cities were of similar size and both first lines ran along existing railway rights-of-way.

Calgary’s line ran between a large residential area and the Macleod Trail freeway, intercepting traffic with park-and-ride facilities.

By popular demand, the city has not yet stopped expanding its system.

In contrast, the areas adjacent to the Edmonton line had fewer homes and attracted far fewer riders. The system has been slower to expand. As real estate dealers say: “Location! Location!  Location!”

Victoria’s downtown has deteriorated during more than 50 years of building roads and parking for the automobile.

LRT will bring needed revitalization.

Bob Trotter