Looking for support on pesticide issue

Banning cosmetic use of chemical pesticides the right move

Re: Pesticide ban is logical, popular (Op-ed, News, July 13)

Currently 38 municipalities in B.C. have bylaws in place to protect families and children from the non-essential use of chemical pesticides.

My family is relieved Oak Bay has adopted a precautionary principle and restricted their use. Taking a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach to putting people first is the basis for legislation relating to pesticide bans in other provinces.

After examining Health Canada’s public consultation page and the outlined re-evaluation process, it is rather disturbing to see the number of chemical products that have been placed on the market, only to have their use limited years later due to health and environmental risks.

This is where the precautionary principle gains credibility as a valid tool to restrict pesticide use. The premier has spoken – she supports regulating the use and sale of pesticides for cosmetic purposes. I hope the B.C. municipalities that already do will lend their support on behalf of their communities.

We should all be supporting and encouraging the province to do what is right and ask them to introduce legislation to ban the use and sale of chemical pesticides for cosmetic purposes.

Britt Karlstrom

Oak Bay