Letters to the Editor – Beach can be shared by all responsible users

Re: Beach heron watcher growls at potential change (Letters, June 1)

I am puzzled why allowing people to walk their dogs at Willows Beach before 9 a.m. would end the enjoyment of watching herons.

I see and enjoy them all the time while walking my dog. I have never seen a dog chase away a heron, but I’m sure it has happened. I have seen children chase wildlife on the beaches. Should we ban children then?

Of course that is silly, and it is equally silly and selfish not to allow other Oak Bay taxpayers to share our beautiful areas responsibly.

Having been forced to drive to Gyro Beach (where I see a lot of other Oak Bay folks), it is difficult to see any negative impact caused by dogs on Willows Beach. There is garbage, though. There will always be people who are not responsible and it is frustrating.

Stepping in poop isn’t fun, be it dog, otter or bird. Ever try to find a non-pooped-on bench to sit on at Cattle Point? That brings up another interesting point: dogs are allowed year round at Cattle Point, which is where many tour buses stop and allow our visitors to get off and walk around. There is obviously no serious poop issue there (other than from birds).

We are not asking for any money, other than a couple of signs I guess, certainly not thousands and thousands of dollars to light up playing fields so kids can play on those dark winter nights.

The majority of this country would have a hard time even relating to that.

I agree that Willows Beach is a family area and everyone who loves a dog knows that they are family.

Bill Smith

Oak Bay