LETTER: Victoria Health Co-op frustrated by council decision

The Victoria Health Co-operative and the Creating Community Wellness Society have been working assiduously to add medical services to the health and wellness activities we already provide at the Cook Street Village Activity Centre, 380 Cook St.

We had good reason to believe that the Nov. 26 city council vote would give us access to two exam rooms to provide primary health care services to the many seniors and others in the area who have no nearby, predictable access to these much primary health care services.

In addition to many discussions in the past, we had provided a letter and voice recording to council prior to the meeting reinforcing the need for this space. We are extremely grateful to the four councillors who voted in favour of the development that would have enabled us to use this space. This location, or something similar in the same area, is urgently needed.

We would very, very much appreciate any ideas. Anyone who has suggestions, please, please contact us.

Vanessa Hammond, chair

Victoria Health Co-operative