LETTER: Unwanted activists should go home


It is upsetting to see the media portraying activists and self-proclaimed land defenders in a positive light.

Vast amounts of provincial money is spent babysitting them and playing their game at the Fairy Creek watershed. What is the daily cost of a small army of police with specialized vehicles and helicopters that clear them out in the day, only to leave and allow them back in the night?

It is not only loggers that can’t go to work. Port Renfrew does have a tourism industry that features big trees. Because of activists and police blockades, we can’t go to Carmanah or Walbran valleys to visit the thousands of protected old-growth areas. We can’t visit Avafraud (Avatar) Grove or Lonely Doug and the 2,000 plus hectares of protected old-growth above Eden Grove. Is there jurisdiction in the world with more protected old-growth than B.C.?

Fairy Creek is not the last stand. The trees aren’t 2,000 years old, and since when is an old half-dead tree sacred?

No matter how well-meaning the activists and their supporters are, they are completely ignoring the wishes of locals and First Nations. Their misguided dogma is more important.

Greg Klem

Port Renfrew

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