Letter: Un-filtered LED lights pose problem

New lights can prove challenging for drivers and others

Re: South Oak Bay bathed in LED, Oak Bay News, July 13

I agree the new LED street light replacement is a more efficient use of power, but it causes potential hazards for drivers and citizens of Oak Bay and its visitors.

I have worked with LED technology on a daily basis since the technology became mainstream. What I and my colleagues have discovered, especially with architectural and theatrical and film LED lighting, is they are “pixelly” and have hot spots in the beam.

To reduce discomfort and gain equal distribution of light we use a diffuser or filter. Currently the street lights Oak Bay is installing have no filter, causing much discomfort to drivers and citizens, especially ones who wear prescription glasses.

My professional opinion is these LED street lights are dangerous to drivers and will increase accidents in Oak Bay if no diffuser is installed on every street light, especially on residential streets which have large obstructions, like trees.

I have been working with this LED technology for the past 10 years and I always use a filter to soften the light to prevent pixelation to the naked eye and reduce the harshness of the beam.

All modern installations of LED lights use some form of diffusion. I installed the Oak Bay High Theatre’s new LED stage lighting system and used diffusion in every fixture without affecting the fixture’s intensity.

This is a change that needs to happen for the safety of the citizens of Oak Bay.

Kendra Martin