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LETTER: Too many decisions being driven by parks department


There seems to be a real gnashing of the teeth these days, whether it’s how the dogs are destroying the harmony of nature or how the deer are destroying the environment.

We are going to leash our dogs in Saanich so that they don’t wreck the local flora and we kill or ban our local fauna.

We are going to exterminate all the deer on Sidney Island so that they don’t interfere with the local flora. If we take this logic further, we should demolish all cities, and remove all sidewalks, parking lots, and roads.

Nature is fluid, man is unfortunately not. When one species of flora is removed, another species fills the gap, it’s been that way since time began. Some people call it evolution.

This feeble attempt by parks departments and other special interest groups to protect dandelions at the expense of our local fauna and to deny our dogs the right to be untethered is what happens when the parks departments become the driving force of policy in a municipality. Virtually every decision in Saanich is driven by the parks department.

Doug Coulson