LETTER TO THE EDITOR – 9 March, 2011-Demise of blue chair hits reader hard

A huge sadness enveloped me as I came across the battered remains of the blue chair off the head land at McNeill Bay on Wednesday, a victim of the windstorm. This chair has had such an impact on me this past year.

We moved to Oak Bay a year ago, and my first walk at 6 a.m. with our dog was down to McNeill Bay, where I came across the chair. I walked out to it and sat down to watch the sun come up.

I sat in the chair and it was, as the phrase goes, as if all the stars aligned. I swear there is a special vortex in that exact spot. Over the past year I have gone to the blue chair to have a mind chat about what was going on in my life. I have had a couple of ups and downs and the blue chair was where I went, no matter what time of day to try to mull things over.

We had a constant stream of visitors over the year and I would take them out to visit the blue chair. They, too, thought it was a magical spot (though they could have been humouring me).

I know numerous people will be able to relate to what I am feeling, as I have seen many times the chair holding a guest, probably doing the same thing I was when I sat in its embrace.

This is a tribute to the blue chair. It will be sadly missed by many I’m sure.

Belinda Thomas

Oak Bay