Letter: Thank you for refugee fundraising support

Support means a lot to refugee families arriving in coming year

St. Philip Syrian Refugee Committee would like to thank the whole community for their overwhelmingly generous support, culminating in the incredible turnout and fundraising success of the Jazz Vespers event Dec. 6.

Over $50,000 has been donated in the last week alone, putting us well past our goal of being able to support the Syrian refugee family whose application is now underway.

Please rest assured that all the money raised beyond the needs of our first sponsorship will go toward helping additional refugees and we are now exploring the means of doing so.

It has been a gift for all of us to experience this powerful gesture of light shining in the darkness, of compassion and love and refusing to succumb to fear.

It is a gift to know that here, in this city and region, we have chosen to share the blessing of our security and safety with others in peril.

Thank you again, to all who have and will continue to extend the hand of friendship, as these families arrive in our area in the coming year.

Zita and Dave



on behalf of

St. Philip Syrian Refugee Committee