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LETTER: Teacher commended for speaking out on violence in classroom


I am writing to thank Amy Read so very much for her courage and integrity to speak out about the appalling violence and behavior problems that you are witnessing amongst very young children in your classroom.

Such violent and vicious behavior in young children is not normal! And it foreshadows a terrible future for those children as well as for our community.

I suspect that her courage and truth-telling will not be well received by some at her school and school district, who have ignored previous pleas for help and are currently failing some of the children in their care. One can’t help but wonder if they are more concerned with protecting their reputation and position than protecting our children.

Should she find herself unwelcome in her current position, I suspect she will find like-minded people who would be delighted to have her join their team at some of the private schools which have been established in recent years for the very reasons she outlined.

I’m reminded of the quotes, “Go where you can do the most good,” and “Go where you are appreciated, valued and respected.”

In addition to sending this letter to Amy Read, I have sent a copy to her principal and superintendent. I am sure they are principled individuals who will demonstrate their integrity and commitment to our children by working with her to identify the root causes of the anti-social behaviour and then on a plan to address the terrible situation in her classroom.

Again my heartfelt thanks for Amy’s courage and for bringing this matter to my attention and that of many others.

Mary Kelly