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LETTER: Sidney is no place for backyard chickens

The Town of Sidney is considering a bylaw to allow backyard chickens. (Black Press Media file photo)

I read with dismay and disbelief that Sidney council voted on Nov. 27 to ask staff to prepare a bylaw change to approve backyard hens.

With the densification of Sidney, I believe backyards are too small to have hens and they should be only allowed in rural areas where there is appropriate room. Hens will attract rats and flies, cause unwanted odours and they will be noisy. They will need to be enclosed so that they don’t wander the neighbourhood or get attacked by predators.

It will also be an extra financial cost and use of human resources to taxpayers for staff to implement and monitor the backyard hens.

I am writing to bring this issue to the attention of Sidney residents before the bylaw is prepared and passed to allow backyard hens. I am asking residents to please contact the Town of Sidney to express their opinion.

Christine Hume