Letter: Rediscovering the magic of Halloween

Event provides residents with insights into childhood joys

Years ago we enjoyed Halloween for our children’s sake. We had mixed feelings, since so many merely saw it as an occasion to be greedy and even destructive.

This year we had seen the arrival of several young children in our Oak Bay neighbourhood and wanted to invite them to share the best idea of Halloween that we remembered.

We put aside the perverted images of sick minds that threaten to destroy the whole spirit of the season.

What a joy it was! As every group of happy costumes arrived we were greeted with smiles and joyful anticipation.

With every candy, apple, savoury treat we gave, we were delighted by profuse thanks and genuine pleasure. The moments we connected were insights into childhood – into that special innocence that is the essence of happiness.

Now we are looking forward to next year with as much anticipation as the little ones that will once again discover its magic.

Rory Kirby

Oak Bay