Letter: Public art appreciated by residents and canines alike

Local Lab offers her pick for a favourite public art piece

I checked the municipal website and there doesn’t appear to be a way to vote on the best of this year’s public art.

However, our friend’s chocolate Lab, Tess, would like to vote for Ken Hall’s instillation, The Hunt, at Queen’s Park.

My wife was walking this imperturbable dog along Beach Drive last week, when they came across Mr. Hall’s sculptures.

Now Tess is not normally excited by art, however, this piece did excite her. Her hackles went up, she crouched down and displayed classic fight or flee behaviour.

She was particularly impressed when approaching it from the west, not so much from the east.

I must say, I agree with her. Having been told about her opinion, I too was startled by the impact as I drove down to the boat the next day.

This is a wonderful initiative to support local artists. I hope it continues.

John West

Oak Bay