Letter: Oak Bay should re-examine water policy

Current policy penalizes residents who maintain their gardens and grow food

Re: Sewer charges unfair to gardeners, Oak Bay News Feb. 17

I agree with the writer. Would council please look into charging for water as other municipalities do, based on the household’s lowest quarterly use of water?

The present method used does seem to discriminate against people who are trying to grow food and maintain their property.  The letter writer makes a good point.

Also my opinion, while on the subject of water, is that it should be sold at cost to the municipal consumer and not be used to generate municipal revenue.

I once had a ruptured water main. I was told that, for what appeared to be the spillage, I would only be charged for that water “at cost.”

Does the municipality have some sort of markup on water delivery or is it revenue neutral?

John Phillips

Oak Bay