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LETTER: North Saanich pickleball players shown no respect

The Wain Road pickleball courts were closed and locked as of May 7. (Black Press Media file photo)

It is simply unbelievable that the District of North Saanich would close the Wain Road pickleball courts on such short notice (one week) without a heads up to the many stakeholders, just as the summer season (for play) is starting, and with complete disregard to staff reports.

Yes, deliberations have been ongoing for some time, but this sudden closure notice is completely unreasonable and disrespectful to users. Does the mayor and council of North Saanich have no care for the physical and mental health of their constituents, no foresight for the inclusion of new activities compatible with public places, no willingness to find solutions (closing the Wain Road courts could cost more than installing sound reduction panels)?

At the very least it would have been far more civilized to announce a final season of operation, to allow players time to arrange alternate scheduling. In fact, this sudden closure falls flat in the face of previous district discussions. It was my understanding the Wain Road courts would not close until alternate solutions were in place.

As more than one councillor stated, the withdrawal of public recreation facilities on such short notice is likely unprecedented. It is unjustified, as well. Shame on you, mayor and councillors.

To shift the development of pickleball facilities to the Peninsula Recreation Commission will not solve the ‘problem’ for the district because they may come back with North Saanich location proposals … unless the mayor and council are actually saying “no to pickleball in North Saanich.”

Frank Gee