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LETTER: New pickleball court serves up frustration


You have to give those who are in control of Central Saanich’s tennis and pickleball courts credit for trying. Unfortunately, the end result is frustrating for all the pickleball players in the area.

Neither the pickleball players nor tennis players are happy with the outcome of the so-called “redesigned” court in Central Saanich. Taxpayers in the community, many who are ex-tennis players, feel that a better-designed court would be well deserved by the community of pickleball players and would be of benefit to everyone.

Lines for pickleball are painted blue, similar to the colour of the court surface, “over” the tennis lines, making it very difficult to understand and see the line drawings. The tennis net is in the middle of two facing pickleball courts. This is a safety issue for pickleball players when people drive the ball.

As well, needing to set up your own nets and take them down when you’re finished creates a level of frustration when you see three tennis courts ready to walk on and play. I wonder who was the consultant on designing the revamp of the court.

Robert Cuvelier

Central Saanich