Letter: Name calling not OK in Quest conversation

Letter: Name calling not OK in Quest conversation

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RE: Quest quash based on misinformation (Letters, Nov. 29)

Thank you to the mayor and council for standing up to what appears to be bullying tactics on the part of developers and realtors who stand to gain the most financially from construction of luxury properties, rather than something more affordable for buyers or renters.

Residents elect officials to make decisions regarding such things as property development, and can be held accountable for such. Developers and realtors have no business claiming it is their purview instead. Surely their interests relate more to greed than what is best for the community. Are they really that arrogant or naïve to believe community members can’t see what their interests are really about? We chastise children for name calling when they don’t get their own way. Let’s not accept it from adults either.

Janice Davis

Oak Bay