Letter misses key points of road, sidewalk use

All users of every surface must respect other users

Re: Reader takes issue with opinions in the News, Letters, Oak Bay News, Oct. 28.

Missing from Derrick Johns letter is that all users of every surface must respect other users. That’s the case for mobility scooter drivers, who misbehave on sidewalks and streets (they are allowed on both), bicyclists and skateboarders on streets (a high rate of dangerous cycling on streets and trails like the Galloping Goose), and motor vehicle drivers on street and in parking lots.

Also missing is that most sidewalks are under-used, any acknowledgement of Washington State law, which has long had rules for all users of every public surface, and that B.C. has some laws about bicycling, including walking in crosswalks.

Derrick Johns mis-represents the situation of conflicts on sidewalks.

Keith Sketchley