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LETTER: Loss of parking causing neighbourhood friction


In a time when both housing and parking are in short supply, it seems the District of Saanich may have wanted to consult local taxpayers about how to improve parking along many streets that are not up to par for city streets. Many of the roads in Saanich do not have sidewalks, let alone proper parking availability.

Many Saanich homeowners have opened their homes to tenants which is wonderful, however, most homes do not have enough space to offer tenants or their guests a place to park. I’d like to bring it to everyone’s attention that Saanich did have the opportunity to increase parking in the areas around Swan Lake when they did the water main replacements. Instead of leveling the sides of the roads and paving them to create parking for residents and their visitors, they decided to put up more no parking signs and take away many of the parking spaces previously used by residents and guests. This resulted in some owners being upset with residents parking on any road without no parking signs.

Perhaps in the future taxpayers will be consulted on projects that could greatly improve an area and the lives of those who live in Saanich.

The no parking signs could still be taken down and the areas levelled to create parking and make everyone happier. Let’s try to work together to make things better for Saanich instead of causing neighbours to be angry with their neighbours.

Susan Shentaler