Letter: Lansdowne bike lanes would be welcomed

Without a bike lane, Lansdowne route is currently unsafe for cyclists

As a cyclist in Victoria I would be very happy to see a bike lane put in on Lansdowne Road, which presently has not even a shoulder to ensure safe cycling.

It may prove a small inconvenience for a short time to some drivers who fail to see the larger picture, however change is an inherent part of life and often brings good things with it.

That there are too few cyclists using this route now is simply due to the fact that it’s unsafe as is.

Yes, cars dominate our society but it doesn’t have to be this way. In other societies people use other modes of transportation and we need to explore these. It may surprise people to discover how easy and enjoyable it is to walk, cycle or use public transportation.

Rather than give away our power to large oil companies and the few who attempt to control our ideas, we can decide how we want to live and what’s best for future generations.

I also thought it seemed a bit ironic that the front page  article featured  the 2015 Tour de Rock in the same edition as  the letter which so opposed adding more bike lanes to Victoria, I put my money on a group of dedicated people with enough spirit and energy to have a positive influence in our community, using nothing more than a bicycle!

Marilyn Lapointe

Oak Bay