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LETTER: Langford mayor’s commitment to density is plain to see

In regards to the article “Mayor committed to density to Langford’s core.”

Yes, we have a lot to appreciate living in Langford. Free parking and many businesses have moved out here making it more convenient for residents. What is upsetting many people, young and older alike, is the constant blasting off mountain tops, stripping hillsides of trees, native plants and animal habitats at such an alarming rate soon people will not be able to recognize whereabouts they are in Langford, as all they can see is the concrete jungle and high-rises.

Bare Mountain’s bald spot is now visible from my house near Mill Hill. It’s unattractive and sickening to think our mayor actually believes the citizens of Langford are cheering him on from our “$2 million” houses as he allows contractors to build.

When we bought our house, Langford was still green, forested and wild. I’m not “bitching about it a few years later,” (as Mayor Stew Young would say) I’m concerned about the long-term effects on the wildlife, climate and the citizens mental health.

Danielle Vernon