LETTER: Langford mayor confuses density with urban sprawl

In regards to the article “Mayor committed to density to Langford’s core.” First off, no one is saying we should not have development in Langford.

What most take exception to is lopping off tops of mountains, denuding complete areas of all trees and habitat for wildlife, negating many of the reasons folks wanted to move here, and then just brushing off any and all opposing opinions. The exact reason why I moved here was to be close to nature, but not too far from downtown Victoria.

I think the mayor has core density and urban sprawl confused. Belmont Market, Peatt Rd and Goldstream areas are in the core, Bare Mountain (yes that is how most spell it now) is not, as is the Latoria/Happy Valley corridor, to name just two.

So far as affordable homes, is the average home price of close to a million dollars affordable? So keep the spin real Mr. Mayor. No one will deny Langford’s only mayor did a lot of good for the city, but it seems hubris and arrogance have taken their toll on our mayor and council. When statements like “My suggestion is, don’t come buy a home here and then bitch about it a few years later” show their true colours, never mind the pettiness shown in other comments.

I was not as shocked as I should have been when I read this, it is indicative of the attitude of mayor and council over the past few years. When the mayor states the majority of folks he talks to agree with him, he forgets his “circle of friends” are primarily developers, planners and other politicos. God forbid he actually listens to his “unwashed constituents,” you know, the ones who “bitch” and live in $2 million homes. Yeah, right.

Rod Stiebel