LETTER: Hidden addresses send driver for a loop

As a longtime volunteer driver for The Cancer Society and now for Beacon Services, delivering meals and grocery orders to clients’ homes, I am confounded by the lack of proper identification numbers on houses and building properties. The result is always time lost in searching for the property’s address. Even more important is critical delays for emergency services like ambulance and police.

Private homes often have numbers near the front door or on a post but hidden by plants. Many have no lighting for after dark. One Sidney condo building has a circular driveway with the address at the exit only. Another commercial building has the address displayed on one street but the residential access is around the corner of the building from a different street.

Would this not be an easy, inexpensive disservice to fix? (I’ve been told that my expressing this opinion will not make any difference, but I feel better after writing.)

Nancy Johnson

North Saanich