LETTER: Employee’s kindness a pleasant surprise

Recently I’ve had trouble with raccoons getting into my garbage pails. I was unsure what to do and called pest control, who sent one of their employees. He looked at the problem and suggested purchasing a small cupboard-sized box for the pails. He checked his cellphone, found a suitable one and asked me: “Wanna go?”

I hesitated, not expecting such an offer, but then agreed, and off we went in his truck to a local store. They were out of stock, but after checking his phone again, the man located one at another branch, and asked once more: “Wanna go?”

I was amazed, especially as this branch was much farther away. Off we went again, purchased the box and drove home. Then, before leaving, he assembled the box for me.

I was stunned by his extreme kindness…especially during this dreadful COVID time. To know that things like this can happen in North Saanich was so heartwarming, that I wanted to share this story.

Kathy Enright

North Saanich