One reader hopes the clock in Athlone Court could see some repairs as it approaches a big anniversary in 2016.

Letter: Disappointment at Athlone clock’s ‘sad state of disrepair’

Athlone Court clock was erected over the then Picwick’s restaurant with a welcome celebration in 1986

I am writing in regard to the clock in Athlone Court which was erected over the then Picwick’s restaurant.  I remember my family attending the clock’s welcome celebration in 1986.

It was very exciting to have a one of a kind clock like this in our community. Now, it is rather disappointing to see the clock in such a sad state of disrepair.

I understand that at one point, some wiring and air tubes were cut, making it impossible to have the delightful twirling motion of the figures repaired.  I do wonder if that assessment could be revisited, to see if new technology could correct the situation.

I believe that in 2014, it was hoped that the Dickens figures could be repainted to their original splendour by University of Victoria students.  I do not know what happened to that plan.

It would be a wonderful asset to our community to have the Athlone Court clock refurbished to the way it was originally intended.  If the improvements could be completed by 2016, it would be a wonderful 30th year anniversary for the clock!

Susan Loraas-Petsch,

Oak Bay