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LETTER: Council was correct to change course on pet strategy


This is in response to Lora and Ted Lea’s recent letter.

Most of us would agree that PKOLS is a sensitive ecosystem. It’s a forest. However, the essence of a forest is trees.

So, if an activity gouged off ground cover, exposing young tree roots, that would be a problem. Being cautious, we should discourage (probably prohibit) any of that sort of activity. However, dogs running through the underbrush is not in the same category. They have a small footprint and do little damage, no more than deer (of which there are already plenty in the park).

As to poop. If a dog poops near a path, there can be no argument that the dog’s companion must pick it up. However, dogs may poop farther away, out of sight. Some of that has to be acceptable. After all, there are plenty of other animals pooping in the park. It’s natural; it will decay and does not cause a problem. I think it’s safe to assume that the volume involved is not excessive, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

So Saanich council members have changed their minds. Good for them.

Mike Powell