Letter: Compost effort a no-go

Council should continue with curbside compost pick-up

Re: Oak Bay pilots household compost project, Oak Bay News May 6

I do not like the idea at all. I used to compost for a long time in the past but it only allows some cooked food scraps, not bones and meat leftovers as this does not compost in backyard composters.

This means an increase in garbage. I stopped composting years before the curbside pick-up began due to the problem with rats.

Since the introduction of the curbside program I usually only have one small bag of garbage, I recycle everything I can, taking it to local collecting places once a month.

We still have a rat problem – they constantly end up under the hood of the car eating the wiring. The last thing I think we need is more incentive for them.

I hope council will rethink this and continue with the curbside pickup.

Irene Robirtis

Oak Bay