Letter: Cattle Point piano vandalism saddening

Piano brought enjoyment and sense of community before it was vandalized

I feel sad that the piano at Cattle Point was severely vandalized the night of Sept. 4.

The piano brought hundreds of people enjoyment, pride, a sense of community, showing our visitors how we do it in Oak Bay, how we love to share the beauty of our surroundings and add to it with music played by anyone who wants to try their hand at what they recall from long ago music lessons, or the professional musicians or the smallest among us who can’t reach the pedals.

All are welcome.

How many of our visitors saw the devastation of the piano the day of Sept 5?

To the culprits, make your restitution something that could add to the positive aspects of Oak Bay, become a volunteer to maintain these loved pianos if we are able to have them another year.

Marney Armitage

Oak B